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In 1904, the P. S. Olt company created a new standard of quality by crafting the finest fowl and game calls available… calls made for sportsmen and hunters who took pride in their equipment. The new P. S. Olt, LLC line continues this standard of unparalleled excellence in the fine art of game calling. Each OLT call is hand-fitted and hand-turned by a master call maker and painstakingly designed to reproduce the most accurate tones.

PS Olt Hats

P. S. Olt, LLC is proud to revive the legendary OLT line and offer such classics as the D-2 Duck Call, arguably the most popular duck call ever produced, the D-2-K Keyhole Duck Call, popular among all duck hunters for over 90 years, the DD-11 Diver Duck Call, the G-50 Goose Call, as well as predator, deer and turkey calls. New additions to the P. S. Olt line include the OD-200 Duck Call, the OG-500 Goose Call and "The Legend Duck and Goose Call Box Set." The proper use of fine equipment like a P. S. Olt call can and will enhance your time in the field, on the water and with your friends. Calls are hunting multipliers as are decoys, clothing and shells, whose value is measured by proper use. Please observe the game laws of the areas you hunt as a true sportsman and water fowler would. Good luck and good hunting!