The History of P.S. Olt

In the late 1800s Philip Olt (1870-1950), son of Margaret and Phillipp Olt began making duck calls from a converted chicken coop on his family farm. In 1904, he turned his passion into a business with the formation of the Philip S. Olt Company. Soon his D-2 Duck Call and A-50 Goose Call became arguably the most popular call models of all time. Due to Philip's innovation and the popularity of his calls, he is considered the "Father" of the manufactured call.

Philip - (1910-1985), the eldest son of Philip and Anna Olt, began to assist in the manufacture of game and bird calls and later took over as head of the company upon the untimely death of his father. Considered a "Master Caller," Philip introduced five instructional calling records based on the proper techniques of duck calling, goose calling, diver duck calling, squirrel calling and crow calling. Around 1960, Philip founded and designed "MAGNUM" calls, a highly sought-after line by historians and collectors alike. This line was eventually merged with P. S. Olt calls. During this time Philip also fielded the Mark-Philips lure and bait company, whose products were sold throughout Illinois.

Major Philip Olt IV - (1945–Present), the oldest son of Philip and Wanita Olt, retired from the Army in 1999 and then retired again as a Department of the Air Force Civilian in 2007. Acting upon the requests of P. S. Olt call owners and users, Philip started P. S. Olt, LLC to continue the family tradition of state-of-the-art game calls. His new patent-pending designs incorporate the beauty of wood with the benefits of manmade materials.

David Morgan, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of P.S. Olt, LLC, and his wife, Gwen, hunt deer, ducks and hogs, while also pursuing his lifelong love of coon hunting. Additionally, they fish and swamp log, looking for lost and sunken logs from the 1800s along the river. Together, David and Gwen comprise one half of the partnership that produces and promotes Laser Torch lights, which are available online at The Olt line of game calls has been a part of David's hunting gear for more than 40 years. As an avid user, he understands why hunters have continued to rely on calls to put meat on the table for over 100 years.