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The Olt is Back!
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PS Olt Duck Calls History

The "New" Old D-2-Keyhole

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OG 500 and OD 200P.S. Olt, LLC

Philip Olt IV recently launched P.S. Olt, LLC, a company dedicated to manufacturing historic bird and game calls. Dedicated hunters know the name OLT, famous for its fine, handmade duck and goose calls since the early 1900s.

Now, Phil, the oldest son of Philip and Wanita Olt of Pekin, IL, has decided to provide the fine duck and goose calls for which his family is known under the new name of P.S. Olt, LLC. A retired major, Phil is twice retired – from the United States Army and again from the Department of the Air Force. His decision to launch P.S. Olt, LLC came as the result of repeated requests from OLT call owners and users. Phil has also designed two new state-of-the-art duck and goose calls, which illustrate the new company's promise to continue the Olt family's German heritage of quality call making.

The New P.S. Olt Call Line

The new line sets an unparalleled standard of excellence in the fine art of game calling. Designed for experienced hunters or for those who simply appreciate and demand quality, the calls are made from premium materials that are carefully selected and hand-fitted by a master call maker. As always, the owners of an OLT call will be rewarded with pride of ownership and unparalleled satisfaction.

"The greatest name in bird and game calls lives on," Phil said. "OLT has long been recognized as the finest call in history, and now we are introducing two new calls – the OD-200 Duck Call and OG-500 Goose Call. These fine calls will provide hunters with a new standard in the industry. "